14th May.2012, the member of party committee of Ministry of Culture, vice director Wang Wenzhang and Beijing municipal committee, propaganda minister Lu Wei unveiled the nameplate for the two research centers.

         “Qi Baishi's Art International Research Center” established on 14th May 2012, it is co-organized by the ministry of culture art department and Beijing Fine Art Academy. For disseminating national culture, realizing the sociality responsibility of Beijing Fine Art Academy and mission, benefiting Chinese painting’s development, center’s aim is build an open platform to contact worldwide Qi Baishi’s researchers and specialists, make Qi Baishi’s research deeper, advance Qi Baishi’s international influence, and be an example of traditional culture protection. The directors are Zhu Di and Wang Mingming, the academic committee directors are Lang Shaojun and Chen Lvsheng, the eleven counselors are including Li Zhujing, Jin Weinuo, Wang Boming, and 16 researchers including Ao Pu’an, He Huaishuo, Michaela Pejcochova, Yang Xiaoneng, Hong Zaixin Minoru Nishigami etc.