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Visitor Guide

Bus Routes 117 350 406 431 758 635 499 675 750 31 672 673 43(get off at Tuanjiehu)

499 635 675 406 419 431 677 682 621 31 117 302 350 758 984 985 731 750 673 672 Yuntong122(get off at Tianshuiyuan Beikou)

115 718 (get off at Tuanjiehu Beiko)

502 729 973 976 985 988(get off at Tianshuiyuan Beili)

Subway Route Visitors should take subway Line Ten and get off at Tuanjiehu (Exit C), then walk east along South Chaoyang Park Road until the second crossing. The Art Museum is at the southeast corner.

Driving Route

Visitors should drive along East Third Ring and exit at Changhongqiao Exit, driving east to the second crossing, and the Art Museum is at the southeast corner. Or visitors should drive along East Fourth Ring and exit at Chaoyang Park Bridge Exit, driving west to the crossing of Chaoyang Park Road and South Chaoyang Park Road, and the Art Museum is at the Southeast corner.

Note: Parking space is available inside the Art Museum compound.


Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy open free to the public;you can take the tickets at the gate of museum, group visiting please reserve by telephone in advance.
Get free ticket:
1. With certificates (ID card, passport, student card, military ID etc.) a visitor can get a free ticket within a day.
2. Get ticket within 9:00—16:00
3. Limited free tickets everyday.
Group visit reservation:
For group visit (15 or more than 15 persons), please make your reservation before 3 working days by telephone, information such as visiting time, certificate type, certificate number, contact method, how many visitors and from which institute etc. will be needed when you make reservation. After checking of these information, stuff will provide free tickets.
Reservation telephone number: 010 65025171
The museum open 9:00--17:00 (enter before 16:00, from Monday to Sunday)


1. Taking photos and copying are not allowed inside the exhibition hall unless otherwise specified.

2. Keep the environment clean, do not smoke, eat or drink inside the exhibition hall.

3. Do not make loud noises inside the exhibition hall.

4. Take care of the items on display, facilities and equipment.

5. No spitting or littering.

6. Out-of-bounds to those dressed at random.

7. Please case your rain gear before entering the exhibition hall on rainy days.

Please keep order.