【Lectures】Zhao Rengui talk about “Poems written on the painting and poems discussing calligraphy of Qi Gong”.2015-07-06

Lecture subjects:
        Zhao Rengui talk about “Poems written on the painting and poems discussing calligraphy of Qi Gong”.
        Wang Lianqi talk about “Identification of Qi Gong’s calligraphy, painting and inscription rubbing”.



Speakers: Zhao Rengui, Wang Lianqi
        Lecture time: 9:15—11:45am of July 10, 2015
        Lecture venue: lecture hall on fifth floor of Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy

Introduction of speakers:


Resume of Zhao Rengui:
        Zhao Rengui got his master's degree in literature of Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University in 1981, his teacher is Qi Gong. Now he is professor, doctoral tutor of college of literature of Beijing Normal University, and researcher of Central Research Institute of Culture and History. When Mr. Qi Gong was alive, Zhao Rengui helped Qi Gong to publish Rhyme about Calligraphy, Qi Gong Oral History, Rhyme of Qi Gong. After Mr. Qi Gong's death, he published Think of Qi Gong and other books, and has written more than 30 articles and various papers on the research of Qi Gong, collected of a book named Research of Qi Gong.


Resume of Wang Lianqi:
        Wang Lian qi is a researcher of the Palace Museum, a member of the National Committee of Historical Relics Identification, and famous expert of painting and calligraphy identification. He dropped out in 1966 because of the Cultural Revolution, and learned literature and history by himself. He learned inscription rubbing and calligraphy appreciation from Li Qinyun, and learned ancient calligraphy and painting identification from Xu Bangda, and also taught by Qi Gong. In the spring of 1979, he was appointed as assistant of Xu Bangda in the Palace Museum, and engaged in the study and identification of ancient calligraphy and painting. He is familiar with every edition of Lan Ting Xu, and he is the most professional person in the research of Lan Ting in China.


Participation approach:
1, The lecture is free, please make an appointment by phone or e-mail because of the limited seating. The deadline is 17:00 of July 9.
2, Please get the ticket by appointed phone number or ID card in the east of door 15 minutes before the lecture.
3, Please attend on time, you will not be allowed to the lecture after it beginning.
4, Please close your mobile phone or change it to vibration mode, and don't walk around during the lecture.
5, Appointment E-mail: 2919314027@qq.com (please appoint by e-mail in the weekend) , Tel: 010-65066530 (in the work day 9:30-17:00), you can also appoint in the ticket office.