Mai Hongjun

 Mai Hongjun  born in Bo Ai City of Henan Province in 1969, admitted to the department of fine arts of the Central Nationalities University in 1989. In 1999, he was admitted to assistant postgraduate courses of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His works were selected for large-scale art exhibitions at home and abroad, also, he held personal exhibitions in Malaysia, Singapore and other cities. He had published "Approaching Classic - Contemporary Chinese Painting Masters Series Volume Mai Hongjun", "Mai Hongjun Paintings", "Chinese Landscape Decomposition Painting", "Painter and Poet, Mai Hongjun", "Chinese Landscape Painting Copying and Creation," " Chinese Artist • Mai Hongjun "," Series "and so on. His works were published on a variety of comprehensive art collections, newspapers and magazines at home and abroad. Now he is the member of Chinese Artists Association, the first-class artist of Beijing Fine Art Academy.