【Lectures】Art Association of Chen Shizeng and Qi Baishi2014-11-21
       Theme of the lecture: Art Association of Chen Shizeng and Qi Baishi
       Speaker: Zhu Wanzhang
       Time: 9:30---11:30 of November 27, 2014
       Address: Lecture Hall on 5th floor of Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy
       Introduction of the lecture:
       The art association of Chen Shizeng and Qi Baishi is a meaningful topic in the history of modern art. Nearly everyone who researches the art of Qi Baishi would like to mention Chen Shizeng, and researchers who study the art of Chen Shizeng will mention Qi Baishi as well. Qi Baishi is 12 years older than Chen Shizeng, but Chen won the fame earlier than Qi and he is also more influential in Beijing in his time. So the key point of the association of Qi Baishi and Chen Shizeng  is that they must progress together. Qi Baishi talked about it in The Readme of Qi Baishi:"He raised many advices about my work, and I accepted his suggestions to improve my painting. He also adopted my advices modestly."
       We will analysis the significance in Qi Baishi and Chen Shizeng’s art experience of the association between them from the aspects of the reform in Qi’s old age, the poems, the interaction on seal, and Chen Shizeng was the main promoters and advocates of Qi’s paintings.
       Introduction of speaker:
       Zhu Wanzhang comes from Meishan in Sichuan province. He graduated from history department of Sun Yat-sen University in 1992. He graduated from art research of Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty department of Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts in 2011. Now he is the researcher of National Museum of China and Qi Baishi Art Research Center of Beijing Fine Art Academy, and he is also a member of China Artists Association. He is engaged in the research and appraisal of traditional calligraphies and paintings of Ming and Qing dynasty, he also does the art commentary, publication, teaching and exhibition planning. He has published more than 20 treatise such as Appraisal of Traditional Calligraphies and Paintings and Research of Art History, Chen Shizeng. He also has written nearly a hundred essays about art history, and begin researching the history of modern art and commenting contemporary art. He is also good at painting, and has published Album of Paintings of Zhu Wanzhang, Zhu Wanzhang and His Art World.