【Lectures】Zhang Tao Talk About The New China Times of Qi Baishi2014-09-28

    Theme of the lecture: The New China Times of Qi Baishi

    Speaker: Zhang Tao

    Time: 9:30---11:30, September 28, 2014

    Address: Lecture Hall on 5th floor of Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy


    Introduction of the lecture:

    Qi Baishi came to Beijing three times in 1903, 1917, 1919, and settle down there as a professional painter. Qi Baishi had a free and rich life after he obtained the fame, professor in the school is another cultural identity of him. He got the third role around the art college. After 1949, Qi Baishi was reshaped to be different symbolic image as “professional painter” and “artist for people”.


    Introduction of speaker:

    Zhang Tao, doctor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, editor of Art Research. He dedicates in the research of modern art of China, and he has published more than ten academic essays, such as The experience of Qi Baishi came to Beijing three times, The life of professor and painter------Qi Baishi and National Art College  in Beiping, Art world of Beijing in the Republic of China and so on.


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The scene photos