The Impressiveness of Light and Shadow: The Arts, Ideas, and Actions of Sha Fei

  • show time:2017-08-18 to 2017-09-26
  • Organizer:Beijing Fine Art Academy
  • venue:Beijing Fine Art Academy
    Beijing Academy of Fine Arts will be hosting the grand opening of “The Impressiveness of Light and Shadow: The Arts, Ideas, and Actions of Sha Fei” on August 18th, 2017. Sha Fei is the first photographer in “Chinese Art Masters of 20th century,” the iconic project of Beijing Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition sets “the action of Sha Fei” as an entry point and displays Sha Fei’s artistic ideas and photographs of different periods in series. It comprehensively presents Sha Fei’s artistic career life and achievements. Sha Fei’s daughter Wang Yan offered all the artworks on display, which includes over a hundred of photographs. The exhibition will continue until September 26th, 2017.
    Sha Fei was a gifted artist in 20th century China. He left uncountable number of classic and timeless photographs for us. His aspiration for photography had never restricted to visual art, but had always been associated with life and had become a pathway to change the society and fulfill dreams. The subtitle of the exhibition, “The Arts, Ideas, and Actions of Sha Fei” aims to lead the visitors to get closer to the artist and get a comprehensive understanding of his artworks. 
    Based on the evolution of Sha Fei’s focused themes, the exhibition is divided into three sections: “The Club of Black and White,” “ The Direction of Eyesight,” “The Concentration on Anti-Japanese War.” These sections present the how the artist utilized different functions of photography in different historical periods, how he made choices about the subject matter, and how to put the ideas into practical actions. In 
order to emphasize the variety of Sha Fei’s identities, the exhibition purposely opens another space on the second floor to indicate Sha Fei as a media person. In addition to display his photographs, it also demonstrates that he fulfilled his aspirations to change the society and promote ideas by uniting photography, exhibition, publication, and other forms of media. It is also one of the determinant reasons for him to be distinguished in 20th century history of photography.